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What are the benefits of babywearing using the Moby Wrap?

  • Baby can see, smell, hear, and feel you – for her, it’s the next best thing to being “on the inside!”
  • Wearing your baby provides warmth, security, and pleasure – all essential to healthy development
  • Babywearing naturally soothes and comforts babies, helping them sleep
  • Babywearing can help speed the weight gain and healthy development of preemies and low birth weight babies
  • Having baby on his mother’s chest stimulates breastfeeding and can help increase milk supply
  • Using the Moby Wrap gives you two free hands to accomplish your daily activities while still keeping your baby close to you
  • Wearing your baby allows her to be the center of activity without being the center of attention
  • Babywearing is a wonderful way for moms, dads, grandparents and other caregivers to bond with the baby
  • Baby learns about his environment, watching how you go through your day

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